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3rd Party Logistics Company Releases Shipping Alert Service


Independence, MO, June 21, 2015 — — Today, eGourmet Solutions Inc., a 3rd Party Logistics Company specializing in perishable goods, released a new solution that will help shippers everywhere. The new program, ProTrack is a unique service which assists shipping clients by providing real-time weather information, customized alerts, package tracking and status updates. This will be a free service provided to new and existing clients shipping their goods with eGourmet Solutions.

The developer behind ProTrack had this to say, “Nobody likes to receive a damaged package, and our new system will solve this problem. ProTrack will notify our clients when a shipment could possibly be late or damaged in-transit. We look forward to the impact this value added service will have on the end-consumer’s experience with our clients’ products.”

The purpose for developing this software is to empower clients with greater control over their outbound products. By taking advantage of the updates and alerts provided to clients, businesses can now become proactive rather than reactive whenever a potential delay occurs in-transit. Shipping clients can choose to be contacted by phone, text message, or email whenever our new system alerts us to a change in a shipments status. This service will enable clients to:

Monitor weather conditions that could affect delivery times.

· Make contact with their customers when a package is delayed or damaged.
· Develop a solution before the customer realizes a problem even exists.

About Your Company: eGourmet Solutions is a 3rd Party Logistics Company based out of Kansas City, MO, specializing in perishable, and temperature sensitive goods. Founded in 2007, eGourmet Solutions has pick, packed, and shipped over one million perishable products to date. eGourmet Solutions has been recognized multiple times for its constant efforts to employ veterans, reserve, National Guard, and retired military personnel.


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