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Radio One Brings Throwback Hip-Hop to Indianapolis



Radio One Brings Throwback Hip-Hop to Indianapolis

The Ed Lover Show will begin airing on January 11, 2016

(Silver Spring, MD…December 14, 2015) – At 3:00 p.m., NWA’s Straight Outa Compton hit the airwaves as Radio One Indianapolis’ premier song to launch the company’s operation of its new throwback hip-hop station, BOOM 102.9 FM. With Radio One’s operation of BOOM 102.9 FM the company now owns and/or operates a five-station music cluster in Indianapolis. BOOM joins WHHH HOT 96.3 FM, Mainstream, WNOW RadioNOW 100.9 FM, CHR, WTLC The Light 1310 AM, Inspirational and WTLC 106.7 FM, UAC. It is also the sixth BOOM station launched by the Urban Music Specialist, Radio One.

Radio One is the first to launch a classic Hip-Hop broadcast station in a major market and the expansion has been steady and methodical:  KROI BOOM 92 FM in Houston, TX  WPHI BOOM 107.9 FM in Philadelphia, PA  KSOC BOOM 94.5 FM in Dallas, TX  WPZE BOOM 102.9 FM in Atlanta, GA  WXMG BOOM 106.3 in Columbus, OH The Indianapolis market of Radio One also announced the coming of its new BOOM morning program – The Ed Lover Show with co-host Monie Love on January 11, 2016. The four hour show will feature classic hip-hop music, celebrity interviews from the hottest artists and influencers plus features that connect with a generation of urban trendsetters.

The show will air weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Chuck Williams, Vice President and General Manager of Radio One Indianapolis said, “BOOM, a throwback hip-hop station is the perfect complement to our leading cluster. Yes, we’re growing in size, but more importantly in depth of music variety and our ability to meet the diverse listening needs of our audience. From CHR to throwback hip-hop we have Indy covered. Adding Ed Lover and Monie Love to the mix is just the cherry on top!”

Ed Lover is a rapper, actor, comedian, musician, radio and television personality who gained a loyal following as a host of Yo! MTV Raps. He has continued on radio most recently hosting Backspin on XM/Sirius. He coined the phrase “C’mon, SON!” and is a member of the hip hop Hall of Fame. Ed Lover has been and continues to be an iconic figure in the world of entertainment. Grammy nominated Monie Love is an MC and radio personality. Born in England, she moved to the United States where audiences have embraced her wit and her love for hip hop. Songs like “Monie in the Middle” and “It’s a Shame (My Sister)” laid the foundation for her status as a hip hop icon.


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