Al B Sure Omits Son's 16th Birthday Event: Disrespected?


Former singing sensation and current KHHT, LA radio announcer Al B. Sure felt “disrespected” sources say and that’s why he failed to attend his (identical) 16 year old son Quincy’s birthday bash hosted by Quincy’s mother Kim Porter and her current boyfriend superstar Diddy. The theme of the party “Stuntin‘ Like My Daddy” was considered “disrespectful to Al B. considering HE is Quincy’s actual father. Diddy agreed to change the theme but it was too late as invitations and press had already gone out with the original theme. Sources say Diddy called Al and tried to convince him to attend for Quincy’s sake but Al didn’t budge. Editor’s Note: We have to take Al’s side on this one. It would have been humiliating for him to attend this event and it would have been disrespectful to him as Quincy’s father. To know that someone else spent an inordinate amount of money on your son… and they want you to be there? No thanks. Hopefully Quincy will understand….


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