Angela Yee Explains Exit (video)


Angela Yee explains her exit and Charlamagne says it’s needed because radio has taken the personality out of radio, we could not agree more especially for black shows.

Yee states it’s a long time coming and something that she has wanted to do for a long time. She states Thea Mitchem helped her make her dream to do her own show a reality. Yee states it’s an empowering position for a black woman to have her own nationally syndicated show.

She is the first black woman via iHeart to have her own nationally syndicated show. She will be on during the midday slot. She is leaving The Breakfast Club after 12 years.

There were a few people who expressed dismay and concern on Facebook for midday personalities who will lose their jobs at R&B and Hip Hop stations to make room for the show but it’s the direction radio is going.

Syndication is not only inevitable it makes sense for radio corporations at this juncture of the game with podcasts and streaming overshadowing radio. Kudos to Yee and The Breakfast Club which will continue. There is no word on whether or not Yee will be replaced.