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Animated CG Short "An Evening Meal of Toadroots" Has Released Online


Glendale, CA, June 04, 2015 — — Monday, June 1st, 2015, An Evening Meal of Toadroots, produced by Southern California Indie Animator, Noah Arntson, made its premiere online, on video-sharing website Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/arntson/toadroots. The film is an animated cg short that showcases a mysterious Magician who uses both, sleight of hand and escape techniques to protect his carnival brigade from their former member, the Sideshow Barker.

An Evening Meal of Toadroots had its theatrical premiere at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (2015) and is now ready for an online audience. The film is an 8 minute long scene. “There is a twisted look in this character animation,” said Arntson. “The entire picture is hand keyed, so that gives it an almost stop motion visual style.”

In preparing to animate, Arntson watched classic stop motion works from Czech filmmaker, Jan Svankmajer, and Russian filmmaker Ladislas Starevich. “I staged a tableau of digital character fantasy, using old cg models I catalogued on my hard drive; a witch, a werewolf looking dude, and even an automaton,” says Arntson, “Crafting them together was like taxidermy, only these creatures don’t smell.”

About Director/Animator:
Noah Arntson had spent 10 years working in the world of feature post production as both an editorial and production assistant in Southern California, on feature films for Sony pictures and Dreamworks SKG, before enrolling in a local college animation course and buying a home computer to produce his own short narrative film.

From the blood, sweat and tears of work on an aging desktop computer with minimal gpu power, the beginnings of an animatic came to life. It was fleshed out from an indie feature script, he had written about a magician living among a traveling road-show carnival. By tackling the project as a one man crew, the breadth of the story would’ve taken decades. Instead, Arntson chose to select only one scene, narrating a dramatic rise in conflict to frame the characters’ peril of a villainous barker. 8 years later, the independent artist completed “Toadroots” by himself before joining forces with Italian composer Kristian Sensini to write its score in the “Hammer-horror style.”

A rogue Magician captures his youngest audience member, a boy, whom he brings home to his family of traveling carnies. Inside their whimsical carnival wagon, they sit down for an evening meal and tell tales of their wanderlust adventures. As the boy learns of their get-rich quick schemes, his lesson is soon cut short. An uninvited Barker disrupts the evening to declare mayhem and mutiny.

Shorter Synopsis:
A magician escapes and returns home to join his carnival family for supper, but danger is lurking near. Their meal is cut short, when the carnival Barker storms in and declares mutiny.

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Crew Cast:

Director/Producer/Animator: Noah Arntson – mailto:noah@noaharntson.com
Music Composer: Kristian Sensini – info@kristiansensini.com

Voice talents of Adam Behr as the Magician Barker; David Rodwell as the Hunchback; Heather Flores as the Witch; and Levi Macy as the Magician’s Assistant.


“My idea was to use the meaning of escape, whether that means showing the escape act, as symbols to illustrate common escapism, such as escaping oppression. I believe the act of escape signifies a force of social mobility and social stratification,” says Arntson. “The toadroot itself, is mind altering and breaks the control of one’s mind.

“I wanted to the visual style have a hand-made feeling, like a digital Brothers Quay film.”

Where: https://vimeo.com/arntson/toadroots
Official Website: www.aneveningmealoftoadroots.com
Contact: noah@noaharntson.com 1 – 818 – 749-3223
Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j49i20vadaxq4nu/AADWm9Hpccy0Qxk8O3iHh6JTa?dl=0


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