B Side(s) Radio: Kenny Smoov


B Side(s) Radio

Kenny Smoov
Program Director – WQQK-92Q

RF: You get up tomorrow morning and you are 18 years old again. You have a choice, to remain 18 and retain your current knowledge or you can go back to the age you are now and have a $50,000 winning lottery ticket in your hand. Which one would you choose and why?

Kenny Smoov: Why take $50,000 when I am about to make $50 Million!! Make me 18 with my current knowledge and look out world!

RF: You get picked to appear on Dancing with the Stars and Halle Berry is your dance partner. You have known this for weeks and you are excited about it. Then when you get there you find out that Halle is on a movie shoot and Aretha Franklin has stepped in. What would you do?

KS: I always do the RIGHT thing – “like Spike Lee baby”! So Aretha better eat her Wheaties cause we dancin’ !

RF: What is the one mistake that you had to make several times before you finally “got it.”

KS: I pride myself on not making the same mistake twice. However, there was something I got wrong more than once and had to do it 3 times (Claymore Mine Training) – U.S. Army. Crazy thing about that mistake is that it could’ve cost me my life. Glad I finally got it right!