Baby and 15 Others Arrested


KINGSPORT, Tenn.—Rapper Bryan “Birdman” Williams was among 16 people charged with possession of marijuana Tuesday after the RV they were riding in was pulled over by police for making an improper lane change.

Kingsport Police Cpl. Tim Horne said he stopped the vehicle after seeing it force a tractor trailer into the emergency lane on Interstate 81.

Horne said he could smell marijuana from inside the rented RV and located about a pound of marijuana in a trash can in the kitchenette after obtaining consent to search the vehicle.

Williams, 38, his wife Brittany, 18, and his brother, Ronald Williams, 43, were each charged with possession of more than 1/2 ounce of marijuana as were 13 others, several of whom are also affiliated with the rap industry and Cash Money Records, which was founded by Bryan and Ronald Williams.

Among those arrested were road manager Shahid Muhammad, 40, Cash Money Records promoter Casey Collins, 42, and music promoter Ovide Antoine, 32, of Miami, Fla.

All 16 remained jailed late Tuesday night. It was not known if any of them had an attorney.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is assisting in the investigation because an assault rifle, a handgun and a magazine for a .45-caliber handgun were found on the RV, Horne said. No weapons charges have been filed.

The group said they were traveling from New Orleans to New York for a BET network shoot.