Big Change in Syndicated Program at Salem Media Group

Larry Elder (PRNewsFoto/Salem Media Group)
Larry Elder (PRNewsFoto/Salem Media Group)

Salem Media Group announced that talk show host Larry Elder will join its lineup in the 6pm to 9pm ET day part beginning Monday, April 4th. Larry Elder will be taking the place of Salem host Hugh Hewitt who will be moving to mornings on that same day.

For nearly 20 years, “The Sage from South Central” aired his afternoon drive radio program on KABC in Los Angeles. He was previously syndicated nationally on the ABC Radio Network from 2002 to 2007. Last year Larry moved to Salem’s AM 870 The Answer in Los Angeles, where he airs nightly 9-11pm. His new program will move up into the 6-9pm PT slot in Los Angeles.

Salem Radio Network Senior VP Phil Boyce recalls adding Larry to his lineup at WABC in New York, and listeners could not get enough. “Larry is truly a unique and needed voice in this country, and I can’t think of a better choice to fill the valuable Hugh Hewitt slot,” said Mr. Boyce. “Listeners will be riveted to his take on the day’s news, and his insights into the most important issues of our day he will bring them back for appointment listening,” added Mr. Boyce.

Larry says his philosophy is to entertain, inform, provoke and “to hopefully uplift.” His calling card is “we have a country to save,” and to him this means returning to the bedrock Constitutional principles of limited government and maximum personal responsibility. Larry added, “I see the Constitution as a contract that restrains the federal government, leaving everything else to the states and to the people.” As for those who need help, Larry says, “It’s the moral responsibility of the people, not the federal government, to assist. Compassion is our job, not the Feds.”

Larry is a New York Times best-selling author of four books, including his latest “Dear Father, Dear Son.” His national TV show “Moral Court” was syndicated across the country and was at one time top rated in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“I am thrilled and delighted to be joining the Salem Radio Network. What a great time to be on the radio, helping listeners make sense of one of the craziest election cycles we have ever seen,” added Larry. He says, “The question is not which party has my back, but which party can get government off our back–so that we might all realize our God given capabilities.”

SRN host Dennis Prager takes credit for suggesting to KABC GM George Green that Larry might make a great talk show host. They are now re-united on AM 870 The Answer in Los Angeles.

Phil Boyce added “SRN has live issue oriented hosts from 6am ET to Midnight ET, taking strong stands and discussing the day’s breaking news and events. It’s a great time to be doing talk radio, and Salem is in a unique position to build this franchise to a higher platform.”

At the same time, CRN President and CEO Michael J. Horn announced that as a part of the pact, “The Larry Elder Show” will continue to be heard on 192 CRN channel stations around the country. CRN has been carrying Larry’s show after he left KABC.

Larry Elder is one of America’s most successful talk show hosts and Larry’s voice is an answer to many of the nation’s problems and concerns right now,” Mr. Horn said. “We are thrilled with the nationwide Salem launch and believe SRN is the best syndication company in the country today.”