Candidates Line up to Appear on Jon Stewart's Show

What better way to reach middle America and men then to appear on a great TV show like The Daily Show, a hilarious play on the daily news with a sense of humor, instead of the usually extreme morose negativity American is exposed to each night on the local channels. Stewart’s clever yet intellectual take on world issues makes his show a perfect foray for four presidential candidates to show they have a ‘human and humours’ side.

Sen. Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat, is first up this Wednesday.
Republican John McCain makes his 10th appearance on Aug. 16, followed by another Republican, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, on Aug. 20. On Aug. 22, Democratic contender Barack Obama comes back to the show for a second time, his first as a declared candidate.

Comedy Central’s executive VP Michele Ganeless states “It’s sort of an open invitation for candidates,” Jon makes these guys feel comfortable. He provides them with an opportunity to reach an audience they don’t always reach, which is young men.”