Chadwick Boseman stops by The Breakfast Club to Discuss Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’.

Chadwick Boseman stops by to promote the much-anticipated release of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’.
  • ·        Keeping this role a secret
  • ·        Committing to Black Panther
  • ·        Why Black Panther is a cultural moment
  • ·        Timepieces – James Brown, Thurgood Marshall, 42
  • ·        What roles of famous black figures have you turned down
  • ·        What’s your guilty pleasure when you watching TV
  • ·        Is this easy to watch for a non-comic book fan
  • ·        What makes a film a “black” film
  • ·        Marvel donating money to the black community
  • ·        What would it take for black people to build their own Wakahnda
  • ·        Did the movie change your life
  • ·        Where do you go from here
  • ·        Exploring the relationship between Storm and Panther
  • ·        What do you want people to take from Black Panther