Close the Church! Juanita's a WHAT?


Jaunita Bynum and Thomas Weeks’ separation is starting to take a turn for the worse. Jaunita, accused by many (including me) to be milking the situation TOO much with appearances on all the TV shows and magazines (that didn’t even know who she was before the incident), is now asking for a $200,000 donation for a “Threshing Floor”… um, what is that? The plea for the floor is transparent and hurts the prophetess more than helps her. Now to make matters worse, a couple of women are coming forth claiming that Bynum is a closet lesbian… Well Behold the Lamb… perhaps Weeks is beating her to the (no pun(ch) intended) … punch because it has been rumored that she was going to OUT him. Glory…but her media frenzy and plea for cash may have blindsided her original “efforts,” to help herself, oops, I mean… other women… At any rate, the video link is not available of the woman who is, allegedly outing Jaunita for dating a magnanimous linebacker looking chick who looks like she can debone a whole fried chicken in 22 seconds without chewing. She is also a prophetess. One thing’s for sure, Juanita proves black don’t crack cause it’s almost impossible to believe this woman is 48 years old.
Here is Juanita begging for the Threshing Floor.. Next week, I will post my request for $200,000 for my cushion cabinets.