Conference Call with Arbitron Today…


Just got off the conference call with Arbitron concerning the PPM NY situation. In addition, WWPR OM Helen Little has contacted us about the Radio Facts Blast we sent out earlier and the overall consensus of NY urban results from PPM. In all fairness, all urban stations were NOT disappointed with the results. We are waiting for the results for WWPR to confirm and Arbitron expressed confidence in the reporting process in NY overall.

Issues addressed:

  • Sample in Philly and Houston
  • Race is not specific in some subjects
  • DBI – Designated Delivery Index
  • Encoding in NY 152 stations were invited, 120 agreed, 95 are ready to report
  • Distinctions people participated on any given day in NY. There are over 5000 in the total sample (daily)
  • Stability: using NY numbers. .
  • President and CEO/Arbitron Steve Morris stated during the call (about) NABOB. Arbitron is going to put out a press release in response to NABOB’s concerns. “They used the words “fixes are needed” members are involved in a parallel process. They want us to accept a review by an independent panel . We don’t agree NY needs fixing. …Independent panel notion makes sense we welcome the opportunity.”

We will keep you posted