Could Copywright Infringement be the End of YouTube?


Several companies are jumping on the bandwagon to sue Google and YouTube for what they call “encouraging copyright infringement to generate public traffic to increase sales” whew, MTV owner Viacom has sued Google and YouTube for 1 Billion Dollars and is demanding the removal of thousands of videos that are on the site without permission. Google stated that it is abiding by the rules and removes content per request in a timely manner. Eight more parties have joined their lawsuit charging Google and its YouTube online service with deliberately encouraging copyright infringement. The newest parties include the National Music Publishers’ Association, which is the largest U.S. music publishing trade association, the Rugby Football League, the Finnish Football League Association and author Daniel Quinn.

“The clear and growing message to YouTube and Google is simple: their callous and opportunistic business model is contrary to right, contrary to law, and must and will be stopped,” Premier League spokesman Dan Johnson said in a statement.