disGRACEd JONESy! Star Goes 4 Broke


“… I dont think Ive cared for a black b#$%& since then.”

BV Newswire
reports exclusively that Troi “Star” Torain is readying a kiss-and-tell-all memoir about his former sidekick turned nemesis Miss Jones.

Torain is shopping a new book called “Yes, I’ve Met Ms. Jones where he blatantly talks about how he felt betrayed by her devoting 30 pages to him in her tell all (yawn) book “Have You Met Ms. Jones.” Torain admits that he has been having some down time hanging in his Poconos summer home “smoking three Zino cigars daily, riding my John Deer lawn mower, nurturing my twelve fruit trees and scanning the internet for women with double D breast.”

Jones who portrayed herself as an innocent victim of corporate and co worker sexism in her book said Torain was a “A knuckle-dragging motherf#$%& wearing tight, high-water pants that emphasized how small his nuts were,” (Sounds like a good strong Christian woman)

Torain stated “Having already addressed my time at HOT 97 in my book, here I will use a more low-grade approach to describe the time spent with my one time bottom hoe,” He continued, “I initially excluded Miss Jones from my book because of the fact that when she rode with me, she claimed to be saved by Jesus,” he continued, warning not to “laugh just yet!”

Torain, who has alluded to having sexual relations with Jones in the past, today said “we were in love with each other five days a week,” when asked about the tryst(s). “I dont think Ive cared for a black b#$%& since then.” (Oops)