DL Hugley Talks about Being Hard on his Autistic Son


DL Hughley Talks about Bias in the Criminal Justice System and Raising an Autistic Black Son

DL Hughley is one of most prolific syndicated radio hosts in the country. He is eons behind fake humor and giggling to talk more about the issues of concern for African Americans. There are times when I think he needs a bigger and more diverse forum because he is so incredibly intelligent and talented.

Here on OWN’s tv show Black Love, Hugley talks about raising an autistic son who he felt he was forced not to take exception with because of the way black boys and men are perceived in this country by the legal and justice system.

Hughley states he always thought that his son could become a target because of his challenges and be seen as resistant and rebellious instead of being autistic. He states he doesn’t feel that his son would not get the same consideration that white boys in the same situation would get. Hugley breaks down while explaining his need to protect and not fail his son and making sure he would be able to survive in America.

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