Ebro Congratulates DJ Cipha Sounds on His New Endeavor with TIDAL


Ebro took to his Instagram to congratulate DJ Cipha Sounds on his new opportunity with TIDAL. Ciph was able to land a deal with TIDAL for a new comedy series that features the beast of improv and hip hop, two things right up Cipha Sounds alley.  

In a statement released to Billboard, DJ Cipha Sounds was obviously excited about this new endeavor.  “I’m always looking for ways to blend my two biggest passions, hip-hop and comedy, and this series gives viewers the opportunity to hear some hilarious and real stories from the top players in the hip-hop industry. I brought this series to TIDAL because I had a great experience working with them on No Small Talk, and they give me a lot of creative freedom. The show is 100 percent unscripted so you never know what’s coming next but you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned!”  

We shall stay tuned!