Embarrasing Conference Call: I've got a Hand-le on This


Yesterday I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, dealing with real estate transactions (outrageous deals in Atl for investors, holla) and a friend broke the mental workload by telling me a hillarious story I had to share with you.

A company has installed cameras on laptops assigned to employees to make sure they are paying attention when logged on to conference calls. Apparently, there is an auto log in for management of the company when the calls take place.

This past week, over 400 employees were logged on to the conference call waiting for management to be logged in. The call started logging in the managers and when it got to one manager who was working from home, he must have been doing some work the night before on the laptop and forgot to close the top. The laptop’s installed camera was aimed at his bed where he was in the midst of jacking off… the ENTIRE corporation was witness. My friend said all you heard was a combination of women screaming and laughter coming over the call and the manager was totally unaware that he had an audience for his company-wide mastubatory debut. Since it was an auto log in, the company was unable to shut his camera off and his assistant had to finally call him on his cell phone to let him know the camera on his laptop was on and the entire company could see what he was doing. Terrified, he grabbed his rag and rushed over to the computer and closed the top but not before he was fired and the corporation had to send out an apology to the entire staff. They also had to hire a therapist in case any of the employees needed counceling.