Entertainment Industry leaders launch new association




Local Entertainment Industry leaders launch new association and partners with a credit union to bring Atlanta’s creative community financial soundness.

A group of visionary professionals have come together in an effort to influence, inspire and educate those in Atlanta’s entertainment industry about financial literacy, wealth building and career sustainability. This Alliance board is composed of independent entertainment business owners, educators, IT professionals, lawyers, investors, bankers, publishers and marketing experts that all recognize that Georgia is quickly becoming a production capital of the world.

BEA (Backstage Economic Alliance) officially opens its doors of membership to unite Atlanta’s inspired community, both individuals and associations, under the common bond of financial cultivation for all. The nonprofit will feature individual mentoring sessions to its members supported by free-to-members financial education webinars, phone conferences and yearly retreats starting in 2018. Our projects include preparedness and administering entertainment loan and grant programs, creating an internal credit line and real-world business establishment.

“BEA’s goal is to empower Atlanta’s artist community to have the financial knowledge they need to build and sustain wealth for their families in an industry that has abnormal pay structures and salaries. We help our members grow their careers, manage their money and make smart financial decisions for the short & long terms. As making money and finding success is a common bond between all those who work in film, television, music, digital entertainment and new media industries. We want BEA to be the conduit for our members to work together for the further prosperity.” says Founder and Executive Director Aneesah-Bray Power.

BEA’s Mission is designed to keep more money in members’ pockets. This means partnering with local entities to create Atlanta’s first Entertainment Credit Union while uniting existing and new organizations to build the wealth of Atlanta’s prolific ecosystem. We currently have a credit union partner in 1St Choice to assist in the first steps of our program. “Finally, an association fully focused on unifying our niche groups to establish individual financial solvency so every creative can achieve life goals doing what they love”, says Co-President Bram Bessoff.

As BEA grows, we will build a stronger relationship with our members by adding tailored programs, provide technologically advanced tools and leverage our financial powers to make financially strategic decisions that benefit and profit all who join.

To become a member sign on to ATLbackstage.com or BEAAtl.org and click join.

BEA Mission:
Backstage Economic Alliance is a non-profit membership organization that provides financial education and coaching for Atlanta’s creative community. Its members are comprised of Musicians, Actors, Filmmakers, Artists, and entertainment small business owners throughout the metropolitan area. In support of this, BEA provides ways to unite the factions of our ecosystem with workshops, networking events, partner benefits and counseling to its members.