Fetty Wap Apologizes to School District for Inappropriate Video


Fetty Wap, who is slated to rock the WGCI Summer Jam tonight, had to show up at his former high school on Wednesday to issue a formal apology for a video he filmed at the school. Fetty Wap stood before the Paterson School District at a Principal Rally for Zatiti Moody, the principal of operations at the school.

Moody was placed on administrative leave June 1 as the district investigated how Fetty Wap was able to film a video that highlighted smoking marijuana and included strippers without the school district’s knowledge.

Let’s just say the school district was not feeling The video for “Wake Up” as they didn’t condone the message.

“I just want to apologize to Mr. Moody,” Maxwell said. “If I disrespected anyone, I just came today to apologize.”