Former Radio One Employee Alleges Payola


Former Radio One Indianaplis Controller, Denise Redding, recently filed a wrongful termination suit against Radio One charging she was fired in July after pointing out possible fraud and payola regarding the company’s financial statements, reports the Indianapolis Business Journal. She accused Radio One GM Chuck Williams “may have committed payola violations and actionable fraud.” Redding also alleges that she reported to Radio One VP/Finance Deborah Cowen that she believed Williams had inflated revenue reports resulting in an inaccurate accounting for first quarter revenue. Redding, who is black, further contends that Radio One fired her due to her race and/or gender, a charge the company denies. Redding is seeking $82,000 in back pay and damages for lost benifits and distress. “There’s no merit to Ms. Redding’s allegations, and we believe the litigation process will reveal that,” said an attorney for Radio One Brandon Shelton.