From Buffalo to Europe? The Remarkable Rise of Anthony Casuccio as an Indie Music Star


Fans Await Anthony Casuccio’s Musical Odyssey

From Buffalo to Stages Across the Atlantic

Fans are eagerly awaiting as Anthony Casuccio, the man who has quietly become an accomplished international recording artist, considers taking his music from his basement to stages across the Atlantic. Casuccio has performed several stage shows and DJ sets in Buffalo and is in the process of forming a band for a potential East Coast tour, possibly at wineries. His dream includes going on tour, even if it’s a short one, and he even envisions a European tour on the horizon.

A Musical Journey with A&L Duo

Casuccio’s music journey took a significant turn eight years ago when he joined forces with Lana Marie to form the pop-rock duo A&L. Together, they released nine singles, marketing them online with the help of promoters who pitched the songs to radio and streaming platforms. While the music industry in the United States is expensive and heavily regulated, the European market proved more accessible with a smaller investment. Seven of A&L’s songs managed to break into the Top 40 or better, and through this process, Casuccio established relationships with European-based promoters.

Global Reach and Musical Evolution

During the pandemic, he ventured into releasing his singles, leveraging his connections in Europe. Record promoter Alessandro Cicioni, who holds Casuccio in high esteem in Europe, emphasized Casuccio’s attention to detail and his ability to create music with a universal language. Cicioni also noted the potential for Casuccio’s music to reach even farther-reaching markets, including Australia, praising its “super-intelligent irony.”

Guitar-Driven Sound and European Success

Casuccio values feedback from his promoter contacts, often seeking their opinion on which songs will resonate best with their audiences. This feedback guides his efforts in promoting specific tracks. One key piece of feedback was to emphasize the use of guitars, as his primary instrument became a significant selling point in Europe.

Rising Star in Europe

This indie music sensation from Buffalo has seen four of his solo songs listed on European music charts, with “Lighthouse” leading the way, consistently ranking in the top five of the European Indie Music Network charts. Three other songs, “Friends First,” “Not Alone,” and “Love is the Answer,” have made it to the Top 40 on various European charts that primarily track independent releases.

Anthony Casuccio’s musical journey is all the more remarkable considering his impressive life outside of music. He holds a good job as the chair of the music department at Villa Maria College and resides in a comfortable home in East Amherst with his two teenage sons and his mother. Beyond his academic and familial pursuits, he actively engages with the community as the president of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and operates a successful side business mastering music recordings.

Casuccio’s accomplishments include multiple college degrees, framed certificates honoring his contributions to Grammy-nominated projects, co-founding a small record label, and authoring a book titled “Be Nice” a decade ago. He is known for his warm smile and chill demeanor, which complement his intense ambition. While he may appear as a typical dad, professor, and community leader in Buffalo, online, he’s a rising music star in Europe, interviewed regularly by music websites and magazines.

In his basement recording studio, Casuccio diligently creates music, fixing even the smallest musical mistakes to perfection. His basement studio has become the hub for his indie music sensation status in Europe, a far cry from the standard-issue existence he leads in East Amherst. source