I Hate Christmas Music


I have developed an extreme hatred for Christmas music. I was in the grocery store the other day and they were playing a song that made me want to run over people with my cart… Silent Night, by the Temptations. Why do I hate that song so much? It reminds me of when I was working in Radio and for some reason, I ALWAYS got stuck working during the holidays in the middle of the day, especially at KACE, a now, THANK GOD, defunct station in Los Angeles. Out of all the stations that I have worked for, that is the only one that gets the top spot for being the WORST radio job I ever had. The program director was jealous of my talent (long story) and he made sure I was miserable at every turn (laugh), he didn’t hand in my time sheets, passed me over for full time several times, gave me negative references when other stations called to hire me, laughed when I started my magazine (which went on to make me my first million dollars) and as his final coup de grâce , he fired me in a staff meeting (laugh). He would schedule me to work from 12 to 6pm every holiday and he made SURE I had the worse hours and that I didn’t have a chance to enjoy the holiday, what an evil piece of shit (laugh). God sure don’t like ugly….. Christmas and Thanksgiving were the worse. Working on the air from 12noon to 6pm is too long for any announcer and any REAL program director, I hope, knows that. At any rate, enough about Kevin Fleming…. This may be the culprit for my distaste for Christmas music… hmmm? At any rate, it’s the same thing EVERY year sung by different people basically in the same way…. and after working six hour shifts for years and having to listen to that crap for six hours straight, I’m burnt on it….. NEXT, can we please be creative and come up with some new CURRENT music? If I hear Silent Night one more time I’m going to defecate. Ironically, Kevin did me a huge favor, my dislike for him fueled my first few stories in my magazine which propelled it to its successful status. Out of all the people I have ever met in the industry he is the only one I don’t like and I need to work on that. I will admit it.