iHeartMedia Launches iHeartLand in Fortnite Where Concerts, Podcasts and Gaming Collide in the Metaverse


iHeartMedia today debuted iHeartLand, a state-of-the-art, always-on entertainment space where music and gaming collide. Built using Fortnite’s Creative toolset, iHeartLand combines compelling gameplay with a persistent cadence of entertaining events, programming and one-of-a-kind fan experiences. Fans can check out iHeartLand and the all-new State Farm Park now in Fortnite with more exciting metaverse integrations coming soon.

“Our goal is to meet audiences where they are – delivering innovative, incredible programming to constantly challenge ourselves to take entertainment to the next level. iHeartLand will feature a full calendar of music and podcast performances at State Farm Park that give fans a chance to play and interact with shows and artists in awesome new ways,” said Conal Byrne, CEO of the iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group. “From interactive performances and intimate backstories to immersive game play, native to the platform – this new world allows us to extend the reach of today’s biggest creators, artists and personalities in groundbreaking ways, and is a big next step for iHeartMedia in expanding our engagement with our users.”

iHeartLand is the first metaverse destination dedicated to bringing fans closer to today’s biggest stars through gameplay. The launch will kick off with a special two-part performance by GRAMMY-nominated singer, songwriter and producer, Charlie Puth–the superstar’s first concert in the metaverse–on September 9 at 7 p.m. ET inside Fortnite at iHeartLand’s State Farm Park. This event will be followed by an album release party with new music performed for the first time in celebration of his upcoming album CHARLIE to be released on October 7. In addition to sharing information and new music from his upcoming album, Puth will be hosting an interactive game designed to test fan knowledge leading up to his big shows inside iHeartLand. This first-of-its-kind entertainment venue is an important evolution of fan experiences, combining major concerts, album releases, hit podcast events and interactive gaming in exciting new ways. Over the next year, State Farm Park in iHeartLand will host 20 major events across the music and podcasting space including unique artist-fan experiences that can be unlocked through gameplay.

“I’m so excited to enter the metaverse for the first time in partnership with iHeartRadio and check out all iHeartLand has to offer. It’s really important to me to connect with my fans in new ways and it’ll be a blast to all come together and have some fun,” said Puth. “I couldn’t be happier to share this with iHeart and the fans who have been part of some of the most memorable moments in my career. See you there!”

In true Fortnite fashion, iHeartLand will be dynamic, developing a story of its own; undergoing periodic changes and refreshes; and periodically introducing new minigames. 

“What iHeartMedia and the team at Atlas Creative have created is a compelling look at a future of Fortnite where artists and brands can independently and authentically connect with fans in new and persistent ways at scale,” said Matthew Henick, VP, Metaverse Development for Epic Games. “We can’t wait for players to experience all of the incredibly ambitious content that iHeartLand has planned in the coming months.”

Current island elements include:

State Farm Park: This first-of-its-kind “outdoor” venue brought to iHeartLand by State Farm® is located at the center of the island where users spawn into the game. It features a massive screen attached to the main stage where users will enjoy concerts, shows and programming from the biggest artists today. Additionally, there will be a red-carpet area where players can snap selfies as well as a countdown clock for players to keep track of the next big event. The area will also feature a lawn sprawled with food and tents where players can use gold (an earnable currency specific to iHeartLand) for items including a fireworks flare cannon and Boogie Bomb emote, which will make other users dance when hit with one.

“Our collaboration with iHeart gives State Farm the opportunity to continue to engage customers and reach new audiences in innovative ways, in both the physical and digital worlds,” said Alyson Griffin, State Farm VP, Marketing. “State Farm Park offers an added experiential element for Fortnite Creative visitors to fully immerse themselves in virtual entertainment – including concerts, meet-and-greets with their favorite artists, trivia and interactive games.”

Minigames: Players will enjoy a variety of competitive, fun and engaging minigames that will reward users with gold. The games will also provide an opportunity for users to unlock special experiences like gameplay competitions with artists themselves. Games include:

·        Cranking 90s – a building game where users compete to be the first to the top.

·        Speed of Sound – a high speed race car game where players compete on a heart shaped racetrack to be the first to cross the finish line.

·        Color Switch: Mic Drop – players must jump to-and-from vibrant colored tiles to make sure they are standing on the color that’s called as they compete to be the last one standing at the end of the game.

·        Leap of Faith – an obstacle game set in the clouds where players must be the fastest to complete a course that includes long jumps, climbing walls and falling floors.

iHeart Headquarters: Players can head inside the iHeart building to view a small-scale overhead map of the island to find their way throughout iHeartLand, a broadcast recording studio and iHeart’s famed radio Tuning Tunnel found in its actual New York City headquarters. 

iHeartLand was developed by Atlas Creative, an industry-leading game developer specializing in Fortnite Island development.  Click here to view the trailer of the new iHeartLand in Fortnite. Additional State Farm Park performances and events will be announced soon. 

This is an independently created experience in Fortnite and is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Epic Games, Inc.