Impellent Ventures, a groundbreaking equity-centric venture fund led by David Brown and Philip Beauregard, has appointed artist, actor, writer, producer, creator, and co-founder of GRAMMY® Award-winning hip-hop band The Roots Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter as general partner of the fund.

Distinguishing itself in the venture capital world, this firm focuses on uplifting startups through an emphasis on mentorship courtesy of proven investors and successful business mavens from companies such as Paychex, Android, LinkedIn, DraftKings, Google, and more. Impellent Ventures provides unprecedented access to connections and capital from Tier 1 hubs for entrepreneurs of color and trailblazers from underserved communities, giving back and showing unparalleled support. As such, the company will galvanize the growth of new businesses under the guidance of some of the industry’s most respected visionaries.

In adding Tariq to its team, Impellent furthers its bridges for founders to influencers and leaders in the arts, as well as deepens its access to top deals across the country.

Said Tariq Trotter, “I’ve been keeping an eye on the industry and looking for new ways to invest and diversify my portfolio. I also get to see a lot of investment opportunities before anyone else does because of what my brand means to founders. The combination of these elements made it natural to align with Impellent Ventures. Phil and I are longtime friends and our relationship led to my first visit to the Harvard Innovation Lab in 2016. Joining Dave and Phil has been a long time coming and a natural evolution of our shared interest in helping find and fund the next great generation of entrepreneurs.”

Impellent Ventures will allocate investments towards a diverse variety of sectors, including Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Technology, Robotics, Consumer Goods, and Apps. 

Stay tuned for more news and announcements from Impellent Ventures and Black Thought.