Interep Severs Ties w/Emmis


Interep Announces Discontinuation of National Radio Representation
for Emmis Communications

Interep (IREP.PK) announced the discontinuation of national representation for the radio stations owned by Emmis Communications yesterday.

Dave Kennedy, CEO of Interep, said, “The relationship between Interep and Emmis has been long and mutually profitable. As I have known for many years, and have learned first-hand since joining Interep, that relationship has been founded on trust, collaboration, innovation and shared vision. Each company is now at a stage in its development where strategic change is of great importance in defining its future. This decision, although very difficult for each of us, works in the best financial interests of both companies, and sets the stage for each to better accomplish its objectives. ” He added, “Interep wishes Emmis well, and looks forward to the opportunity to partner with them again in the future.”

Mike Walsh, Interep’s President and COO, said, “I am extremely proud of the D&R team and the effort they put forth for Emmis. D&R sellers can match any competitor in terms of customer service, sales strategies and commitment to their client. We continue to look ahead to new opportunities to strengthen our client base and hope that we will have a chance to work with Emmis again in the future.”