Is Beef Between Drake and Pusha T done?


It appeared over the weekend that the Drake and Pusha T beef had come to an end. Specifically, this was when Kanye West tweeted that he is “about love” and wanted it to be over. However, it seems that a truce was coming from both side with Rap-a-Lot Records CEO J Prince also saying he had advised Drake not to respond to the diss track “The Story Of Adidon.”

In an interview with Maryland’s DTLR, Radio Prince said he spoke to Drake on the phone and told him to end the battle. “I made an OG call to Drake this morning telling him ‘I don’t want you to respond to this’,” Prince said. “I call it a pigpen mentality. We gonna put this to bed because we can’t get in the pigpen with pigs, because pigs turn into hogs, and then hogs get slaughtered. That’s not his character. We ain’t worked this hard to cheat ourselves over nothing.”

Check out the audio from the radio show below: