Kemar Thompson’s “Dreamland” is Music’s Oxygen

While most people have enjoyed the sweet nectar of the mango fruit, most may not know that the tree bearing the fruit is one of the most powerful sources of oxygen on the planet earth. Mango trees absorb carbon dioxide and omit oxygen into the atmosphere for us mere mortals to breathe in and live. Music also has this same power in that the music artists absorb energy, concepts, passion, and thoughts from the world around them and then those very special few bear a musical fruit or omit a sound and energy that allows music lovers to breathe, dance, feel, laugh, cry, love and live life abundantly at least for those few moments as the music captivates their soul.

Underneath the shade of the leaves of those aforementioned mango trees in Queensborough, Jamaica, Kemar Thompson’s musical talent was honed. Although he was born to musically gifted and famous parents, the artist we know today as Jr. Pinchers has developed a style of his own. As he and his musical cohorts battled, or clashed as they called it, underneath the mango trees of Queensborough, Kemar already knew he was destined for iconic status in the world of music. From his world-renowned songs to running his own company, Formidable Music Entertainment LLC, Kemar Thompson is a mogul in the making.

With the upcoming release of his new project, “Dreamland,” Kemar Thompson has partnered with longtime collaborator, Rachel Bernard of Royal Concert Productions in an effort to touch the world while simultaneously reaching that iconic status.

This album is significant for Kemar and founder/ CEO of Royal Concert Productions, Rachel Bernard because the music was produced with an undying passion for the love the music as well as years of experience perfecting the craft. The album was created with live instruments and an acoustic flavoring, which is bit, different from the style Jr. Pinchers has already made famous. Known as the “King of Electronic Dancehall,” Kemar has always challenged the status quo by diving into other genres while still maintaining that Jamaican twist that has always inspired him and his well-known father, Pinchers who set the example for him. Cleverly crafting and molding a sound that has included Rock, Reggae, Electronic, and Dancehall, Jr. Pinchers has already charted twice on billboard with this previous high-energy songs like “Back Broke” and “Neckbreaker.”

This time around, the title track, “Dreamland” takes listeners to a different place. This song is a fusion of pop and soul with a powerful message that has always been the true light behind Reggae and World music. On this song, Kemar Thompson describes a place most of the world aspires to reach. Just as the mango trees that once hosted his classic clashes provided as source of energy that may have been unbeknownst to him at the time, Jr. Pinchers is providing a new sound and source of energy to the world with “Dreamland.” It is obvious he has absorbed life as it has been presented to him and now he is omitting musical oxygen to the world that will allow us to breathe and enjoy life a bit better. Whether we are enjoying the sweet nectar of the mango or breathing in it’s powerful oxygen, it now has a new name. Welcome to “Dreamland.”