Kevin Ross: My Industry Life in Pictures….


(pictured: Andrea Range, Kev Ross, Easy, Kai Chase, Shawn Dawson)

I’ve met MANY, MANY, MANY (did I say MANY) stars in my day (oh shit, I never thought I would use that phrase “in my day” that means I’m getting old… Black man over 40, living, breathing, healthy, hey Thank God for getting old). Anywhoo, I’ve decided to run some of those pics here. I’m not wishing the industry would be like it was, I actually kinda like it better now, just thought I would do something with these besides letting them sit in a box. Some of the stars that I have met were COMPLETELY different from what they portray on TV in the movies or on record. One of them was the late Easy E. I used to walk my dog on Ventura Blvd (I really miss LA) and Easy would drive by on his way into his Hollywood offices in the morning, he always acknowledged me. I knew an older woman who was a good friend of his and she told me all he had in his refridgerator at any given time was meat, I thought I would never stop laughing. No fruits, vegtables or even mac and cheese, nothing but meat. She also told me he had Chucki dolls in every corner of his house and that scared the shit out of her (laugh). Nevertheless, he was a very down to earth, intellegent, laid back brother with a great marketing mind. The sky would have been the limit for Eric if he was still alive, I’m sure he would have been running a major lable right now. Here I am hanging at the set of a video shoot with a few of my former Urban Network workers look at my gut, cascading over my beltline like ice cream (I have an issue with being out of shape). I was stressed out doing the rap section of the magazine and there were TOO many politics going on at Urban. Nevertheless, I got that job two weeks after I moved to L.A. I believe this was the last year I smoked too. Circa 1991. If you have industry pics with you and a celeb(s) send them in for posting. Kev