Kevin Ross, "Yeah, I said it!"


Oprah’s Greedy Ass Family
Oprah’s, Atlanta based, third cousin talked about her new tell all book on V103 this morning. She blasts Oprah for not communicating with her side of the family for the past 20 years. She claims to have to had to work in a strip club while raising her two young children basically because Oprah won’t give them any money…end of story, can you say opportunistic ho. The audience can, and they did, they read her the riot act about her ploy to molest Oprah’s purse. NEXT….

Kevin Ross declares Atlanta “The Official Urban Entertainment Mecca.”
I, Kevin Ross, am officially declaring Atlanta, GA. the New Urban Entertainment Capital of the world on this day October 31, 2007. Thanks to Tyler Perry, Outcast, Ne yo, Jermaine Dupri, Keyshia Cole and a SLEW of others artist, producers, playwrights and national journalists like me, Atlanta IS the urban entertainment mecca. The new industry is HERE. To that end. I get bombarded with invites to many station, industry and entertainment events. I am too old for some shit and I’m really not interested in certain events, especially if I’m not making money… (don’t judge me, you do the same thing, bills must be paid).

Radio Facts Looking for Interns
….to that end, I am looking for two to four interns to go to these events and cover them. YOU MUST BE GOOD LOOKING and lets just say “fresh” and not “seasoned” (laugh). I have at least six events coming up over the next couple of weeks. Read this blog, tell me what’s missing and in a paragraph tell me how you can take Radio Facts to the next level and send me a picture. Ugly people can submit too only if you are UNUSUALLY ugly, like Miss Jay on Americas Next Top Model. Hey, I’m all about shock value too. (Don’t judge me, sex sells, I can only look this good for a few more years before I say F*c& it and become a radio programmer again (laugh-JOKE people JOKE). Time to take my fat ass to the gym…. the grind… the GRIND