Man Involved in Beating of Trainer Turns Self in…


Apollo Holmes, 24, has come forward and turned himself in for the part he allegedly played in what some witnesses say was a “savage” beating by at least 10 black men on one black man. The beating left the victim, trainer to the stars, Darius Miller, 41, unconscious. Shortly after the attack, Miller suffered a heart attack and lapsed into a coma. Miller was trying to assist Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s two daughters from being filmed by 01 Entertainment. The attackers apparently had no idea who the two women were or the man they attacked and the city of Atlanta was whisked into a tailspin as the story made headlines on all media fronts in a mass effort to locate the perpetrators. Local authorities are confident more arrest will soon follow. Apollo’s attorney Page Pate states her client was in the parking lot at the time, but is innocent… If you want to read more… go here