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Marcia Southwick Joins the NASGA Board of Directors


Loogootee, IN, June 01, 2015 — — NASGA (National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse) is pleased to announce the addition of Marcia Southwick to its Board of Directors.

Marcia originally came to NASGA to learn more about guardianship abuse after her best friend’s companion was wrongfully and needlessly guardianized. Two years later, this previously virile and healthy man was dead and his estate had paid for the abuse he had endured and the torment to his beloved companion at the end of his life. What Marcia witnessed through this experience horrified her; and she became a strong advocate, firmly resolved to dedicate herself to raising awareness so the unwary might avoid the “protection industry.”

She created “Boomers Against Elder Abuse” on Facebook; and every day she begins a conversation to educate and forewarn her readers, which she has grown to over 100,000 “friends.” She brings this wealth of knowledge and experience from the discussions and thousands of comments she receives on her page to NASGA.

NASGA is very pleased to have Marcia Southwick on our Board and looks forward to working with her toward our goal: Stop Guardian Abuse.


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