May 23rd Marks The Chop Shop’s 825th Show


It has been exactly 15 years since The Chop Shop’s first show kicked off with Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.” Hosted by WRIF-FM Detroit mainstay, Steve Black, the popular radio show continues to devote itself to guitar greats and the stories behind them. Starting May 24th, the next chapter in The Chop Shop’s journey will begin as its Sweet 16 season gets underway.

“My love of rock & roll directed me into radio nearly 30 years ago. It was that same passion that opened these shows to syndication 15 years ago. And I see the impact music makes on our lives every day,” said Steve Black. “Some of my happiest moments are helping listeners find new music or remember a special moment attached to one of their favorite songs.”

Grab some birthday cake with the Chop Shop

The Chop Shop, America’s Guitar Radio Show, is the first and only radio show devoted to the guitar players and the stories behind what makes them jam. The franchise has grown to include the Chop Shop Classic version and Classic Rock Live with Pierre Robert in syndication.