New Tool Advances the Political Process

Media Monitors and Katz Media Group today announced the launch of a new online competitive intelligence product for the 2008 national political campaign season called Candidata(sm).

The service will allow advertising agencies, political campaigns and party leaders access to political messages from all candidates. Candidata will include all political advertising on radio, local and national cable stations, broadcast television stations and newspapers monitored by Media Monitors. The data is delivered via web, where clients can listen to or view political advertisements as quickly as one hour after airing on broadcast media.

Philippe Generali, President and Chief Executive Officer of Media Monitors, said, “With the race to the White House starting so early this time around, we know how important it is for candidates and campaign managers to have up-to-the-minute information about what was said and how often. We are glad we could do our part.”

“Katz Media is excited to be able to distribute this timely and incredibly useful information nationwide,” said Genelle Niblack, Vice President, Director of Political Radio Sales & Strategy for the Katz Media Group. “With Candidata, every candidate can hear what was run, see what was printed and monitor the TV creative as soon as a campaign begins. We’re proud to offer a product that really is on the leading edge of political monitoring.”