Mill: Is Jay-Z About to Launch a Record Label with Apple?


Sources say that a big announcement will soon come out of the Apple camp about an ibusiness venture with Jay-Z . A new record label. Considering iTunes has been losing ground as the go-to source for music downloads coupled with Jay-Z’s music business savvy, street knowledge, and free agent status…I could see where this combination would make sense. As we all know the old music industry is not only dead, it’s DUST and several labels are idly sitting and waiting for the next big distribution concept and label model to arrive. We all know, whoever comes up with the concept will not only garner wealth but also revolutionary status as the new staple for all labels. We also all know this concept will certainly have a LOT to do with the Internet and Apple is in a very good position with iTunes. iTunes is probably pissed at several labels for not signing exclusive deals with them again and they probably have enough knowledge by now about the industry to make some impressive moves. The labels are also probably looking at iTunes as more of a competitor at the same time. I’ve said for a long time in this blog that iTunes pimped the record labels AND consumers over the last couple of years with a system that was simply “greedy.” This move would kill several birds with one stone including some much needed iTunes damage control. We’ll keep you posted.