Mo’Nique Exemplifies the often Fatal ‘Fate’ of an Activist


I had Mo’Nique on my mind this morning. When the Oscar-winning Mo’Nique talked about pay disparity in entertainment for black women, specifically with Netflix offering her $500,000 in comparison to Millions for Amy Schumer, she got the side-eye and once again she was looked at as a ‘troublemaker’ and someone who should have just taken the $500,000 and kept her mouth shut to rebuild her career. A lot of people consistently also expressed dismay for Mo’Nique’s husband Sidney and speculate that he is encouraging her to go against the system, destroying her career in the process.

Monique has stated time and again that she refuses to be quiet and she’s going to speak up when she sees injustice and this case was no different. Have you noticed that several other black women like Viola Davis, Wanda Sykes, and Octavia Spenser have come forth with their own stories of pay disparity?

Unfortunately, Monique’s name has rarely been mentioned or credited for opening this can of worms but she has said what many black people who work in entertainment have been saying amongst ourselves for decades and it’s odd that she has to pay the price for it. Or is it?

It would be hard not to blame people for proceeding with caution around her but that’s not to say she has not said some things that make a lot of sense

The life of an advocate, while effective, is thankless. Mo’Nique has been talked about MORE by black people than whites during this last situation against Netflix and you would think she would have gotten more respect? The remark about being the most celebrated comedian alive did come out of left field and perhaps she was advised horribly to say something like that but people like Mo’Nique are often seen as a ticking time bomb. Someone who can’t be trusted and who will turn on anybody who befriends her. It would be hard not to blame people for proceeding with caution around her but that’s not to say she has not said some things that make a lot of sense and she has not opened the door to a much-needed conversation. (see more of the story click the next page below)

Without question, Mo’Nique makes people nervous but she also HELPS them. Can you imagine if black people in OUR industry talked about pay disparity and the lack of opportunities for black professionals? I could write a book on how hard it is for black entrepreneurs ALONE in the industry and at one time, I was that guy but that’s a HEAVY load to carry around. White people don’t like you and Black people hide from you (but call you when they need help and then DENY that you helped them) (lol). Me no want job like that. Seriously, who wants to be looked at as “the bad guy?” But at the same time, what gets accomplished? Unfortunately, when it comes to being the advocate, there are no two ways about it, you are thanked in the dark and shunned in the light. This is the life of an activist! Mo’Nique would better serve the industry by being on the board of AFTRA or SAG or the Grammy’s or better yet creating her OWN organization.