MUSTY MICHAEL! HITS Magazine SELLING Cover to Readers?


(filed under: “What da fook is dis….” They are selling the large version for $799.00)

HITS magazine has managed to stay alive after MOST of the urban trades have died off. (how could that be?) I got this email yesterday and I’m still sitting at my computer 23 hours later in shock.
Wanna own your own Van Arno original HITS’ 20th Anniversary cover, an homage to Sgt. Pepper and the leading record industry executives of the past 20 years, which you can see here ? It’s the perfect holiday collector’s item to treat yourself, the music aficionado in your family or as a gift for the boss, who just happens to be pictured.

It’s available in two versions, the first 17″ x 23″, signed, numbered and embossed with a seal of authenticity, the other 11″ x 16″. Both are giclee (“ink”) prints on archival paper.

To order by Credit Card via PayPal, click here. If you prefer to pay by check, contact Robin Gerber at the HITS office (323) 461-6100.

Order now, and you get a free online mention at, and a collect thank you call from Lenny Beer.