My Cultura Network Teams Up With Eva Longoria and Dania Ramirez To Premiere New Scripted Podcast Series ‘Sisters of the Underground’


iHeartMedia, the No. 1 podcast publisher globally according to Podtrac, today announced details for “Sisters of the Underground” —  the newest podcast from Eva Longoria and her UnbeliEVAble Entertainment’s exclusive slate of shows with iHeartMedia’s My Cultura Podcast Network, a network dedicated to elevating Latinx voices and stories — launching August 31, 2022.

Executive produced by celebrated actresses Eva Longoria and Dania Ramirez, who will also voice a character in the show, the 8-part scripted series tells the true story of the courageous Latina siblings, known as the Mirabal sisters, whose lifelong activism in the Dominican Republic and state-orchestrated assassination led to the downfall of one of the most brutal and enduring dictators of the 20th Century, Rafael Trujillo (aka El Jefe). Fans can listen to the official trailer for “Sisters of the Underground” now, here.

“I’m so excited for listeners to hear the incredible story of the Mirabal sisters in this captivating and immersive format. They are true heroes and their story is an important example of the strong need for all of our community’s stories to be heard, seen, and celebrated. We are proud to have assembled an incredibly talented team of Dominican actors and writers to help tell this story in the most authentic and fresh way possible and to continue giving Latinx stories a platform to shine,” said Longoria.

“Sisters of the Underground” will bring the legacy of the Mirabal Sisters to life for a global audience in a vivid, immersive, audio drama lead by a cast of talented Dominican actors including Judy Reyes (Minerva Mirabal), Celinés Toribio (Dédé Mirabal), Sharlene Taulé (Maria Teresa Mirabal), Akari Endo (Patria Mirabal), Sergio Carlo (Manolo), Hemky Madera as (Trujillo) and Dania Ramirez as Minou Taváres Mirabal (Narrator).

“I am honored to have partnered with Eva Longoria, iHeartMedia and My Cultura Podcast Network in association with School of Humans Audio Productions on the scripted podcast Sisters Of The Underground,” said Dania Ramirez. “We were given the freedom to bring on a Dominican writer/director Jose Maria Cabral, a Dominican/American co-writer Mary Castellanos and a cast of talented Dominican actors to give listeners the most authentic interpretation of this historical time.”

The podcast is the second of three original shows created by Longoria and her UnbeliEVAble Entertainment for the My Cultura Network, joining “Connections with Eva Longoria,”’ which launched earlier this year as well as the upcoming “Hungry for History,” where Longoria and Maite Gomez-Rejón explore the origins of some of the most delicious dishes and ingredients from la cultura. These podcasts further My Cultura’s dedication to celebrating and elevating Latinx voices, content creators and inspiring stories like “Sisters of the Underground.”

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Eva, Dania and the rest of this wonderful cast and crew to bring such an important story in Latinx history to life,” said Gisselle Bances, SVP, Head of Production and Development for iHeartMedia’s My Cultura. “It was important to us to tell this story of our Dominicana freedom fighters in an authentic way by including Dominican actors. I’m thrilled to share the inspiring story of the Mirabal Sisters, that isn’t talked about in history class, with our global audience and to continue to expand our mission to amplify Latinx voices and stories.”

The first episode of “Sisters of the Underground” will be available on iHeartRadio and all major podcast platforms on Wednesday, August 31. Listen to the trailer now HERE.