My Industry LIfe: Kevin Ross Meets Janet Jackson


One of the things that has always greatly bothered me about the industry, is the level of grandness we were/are all taught to maintain in public. Nevertheless, there are some industry people who have about as much class as a dropout…. Anywho… while in some instances it works great, like when a big star walks into a room, in other instances it sucks. We were not supposed to dance at an event and I love tearin‘ up a dance floor, and basically we were ALWAYS working. In LA even when I went to the grocery store in Studio City at 2am, I was ALWAYS working, I would constantly run into celebrities at that time because celbs keep late hours to avoid paparazzi and fans. I will have to tell you about all the people I’ve seen in the grocery store and some of the interesting stories. At any rate, this was a party for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at some remote location in LA around 2000. I remember it was very spread out and there were a lot of industry people there but few celebrities. I was ordering a drink at the bar when I noticed Janet and (her ex husband) Rene walk in. The usually grand industry people turned into a bunch of giggly fans as they almost pissed on themselves. Rene went to go and speak to someone and Janet was literally left standing in the middle of the room alone. (if you look at the guy behind Janet with the black on that’s Rene)I kid you not, a circle formed around her laced with industry people who were in awe and it was as if she was on stage. She looked VERY uncomfortable as I think anybody would have. Being the bold and non conformist individual I have always been, I knocked those plastic, stuffy industry hoes out the way and approached her. I smiled and spoke and she gave a sigh of relief. We had some conversation and I asked her if she would mind taking this picture, she said “sure” with that beautiful smile and the ice was broken, those opportunist industry hoes lined up behind me and asked if they too could take a picture too, greedy mfs (laugh). They were actually terrified to approach her. I’ve seen Janet a couple of times after this and she actually remembers me from that day. Oh, what kind of person is she? Very soft, petite, laid back, genuine and warm.