Netflix First-Quarter 2018 Financial Results, Streaming’s Continued Growth


Netflix Releases First-Quarter 2018 Financial Results

Nexflix First Quarter 2018 Results

Nexflix First Quarter 2018 Results

In May of 2013, Netflix stock was worth $34.16. Today five years later, it’s worth $329.00. The great thing about the record side of the industry is that they were taught about stocks and had on the job investment options like 401k’s. In radio we were not taught and we never stayed at a station long enough to have any kind of investment benefits.  I’m a HUGE fan of Netflix, digital media, and original programming and I came across this information today that I thought you might find interesting.

This is true evidence that commercial TV and cable companies are being slaughtered by digital media and they may have missed the boat already, nevertheless, investing is KEY. Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has released its first-quarter 2018 financial results by posting them to its website. Please visit the Netflix investor relations website at to view the Q1’18 financial results and letter to shareholders.

A video interview with Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings, Chief Financial Officer David Wells, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, Chief Product Officer Greg Peters and VP, IR & Corporate Development Spencer Wang is available below.

The interview was conducted by Ben Swinburne, Morgan Stanley. About Netflix, Inc. Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with over 117 million members.

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