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Nick Jonas Talks Life After The Jonas Brothers, playing a MMA fighter, and m



“In this show, I am taking punches and throwing punches…The payoff is getting on stage in front of 50,000 people and every single one of them singing the words to a song that I wrote in a time of my life when I thought my career was over.” – Nick Jonas, Business As Usual

Today, Live Nation TV debuts the first episode of Business as Usual, a new series that explores touring musicians’ other ventures beyond their music career. Premiered exclusively on Apple Music, the first episode from the series follows Nick Jonas, as he prepares for the second season of Kingdom on DirecTV (returning October 14th).

Watch the episode at Live Nation TV: https://lntv.com/en_us/video/business-as-usual-nick-jonas

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2015 has been a year of change for Nick Jonas. He officially climbed out of the shadow of the Jonas Brothers and released his critically acclaimed, self-titled solo debut, fueled by the hit single “Jealous.” Onscreen, Nick also scored big with a starring role in the hit mixed martial arts drama Kingdom.

Available now on YouTube, the first episode of Business as Usual follows Nick backstage and onto the set to talk about putting The Jonas Brothers behind him, playing an MMA fighter, and pursuing music on his own.
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