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Northern Virginia Company to Build Elephant Prosthetic


Chantilly, VA, June 21, 2015 — — An elephant in Thailand has fallen victim to one of the thousands of landmines that still lie in wait after sixty years of fighting between Thailand and Myanmar. The result of this horrible accident was the loss of the elephant’s entire leg. Fortunately, there is still hope.

Animal Orthocare, LLC specializes in developing orthotic mobility devices and artificial limbs for maimed animals of every kind. On July 2, Derrick Campana, the Director of Orthotics at the company will travel to Thailand to finalize the fabrication and fitting of the elephant’s new leg. More information on the story will continuously be published at the Company’s main website, www.AnimalOrthocare.com, as well as their organizational website, www.InjuredPets.org. It is also through the organizational website that interested patrons can donate to support the treatment of current and future patients.


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