Note from Kevin…


Hope all is well with you on this Tuesday. I’m on my way out for a couple of meetings this morning. One is a training course on working with investors in real estate. I already do this but you can never have too much education when it comes to something like this. Especially in a market with so much potential like Atlanta.

I’m not sure if he’s going to run it today but my good industry friend Lee Bailey at, one of the most information filled entertainment sites out there, is running my story on Surviving the Urban Radio Game, I tweaked the story a bit and called it Surviving the Ghetto Work Environment for his site but I’m excited about posting it there. I once did voiceover for Lee’s RadioScope in Los Angeles. Well, not much more to report, make sure you subscribe to the blog (to the right) we’ve got some exciting things coming up including some interviews with celebs on interesting subject matter.

Really like Mary J’s new song “Just Fine” it’s growing on me and the more I hear it the more I like it. Finally, I’m thinking about doing a radio show online, any suggestions for hosts?

Have a great Tues…