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nuFaktory, LLC Announces the Addition of Renowned Hollywood Production, C-Suite Executive, Moshe Barkat as Partner


Springfield, MA, June 12, 2015 — — nuFaktory LLC proudly an­nounces the addition of Moshe Barkat as its newest Partner. Mr. Barkat’s move is in response to rapidly expanding opportu­nities in the film entertainment sectors. These early adopter industries, which Moshe knows very well, are creating the par­adigms for revised and new business models due to be em­braced across multiple industries throughout 2015 and beyond. His joining the company combines nuFaktory’s uniquely seasoned, business services and digital fabrication team focused on Additive Digital Manufac­turing applications, methods and technologies together with Moshe’s 30+ years of leadership and expertise within the technol­ogy driven world of Hollywood.

“I and my colleagues are very excited about the addition of Moshe to our expanding team of industry experts,” said Rudy N. Vo­gel, Co-Founder and Managing Principal of nuFaktory. “His pristine credentials, network and excep­tional industry experience will help us focus our portfolio of ser­vices and technologies in these key growth sectors that are driv­en by innovation. As opportunities are identified, we will be unique­ly positioned, with the addition of Moshe, to deliver the finest technology and business devel­opment solutions for our clients.”

“I am very excited about working with the dynamic team at nuFaktory,” said Moshe Bar­kat. “They are uniquely qualified in their capabilities and under­standing of what is required in making technology driven com­panies successful in the 21st century. Their vision and plan are what led me to become a Partner with the company. The nuFaktory experts possess a deep indus­try knowledge of Digital Manu­facturing Technologies and new business models within the Ad­ditive space. The entertainment sectors are rapidly evolving and will require the expertise provid­ed by nuFaktory to help them de­fine their solutions while develop­ing new business models as well.”

Mr. Barkat further stat­ed “I believe that by work­ing with the team at nuFakto­ry, a common vision is shared through the use of new technol­ogies and innovation. Togeth­er, we can make that happen.”

About nuFaktory, LLC:

nufaktory, LLC is the premier 3D Printing and related technologies Application Service Provider in the fast growing world of Digital Manufacturing. The expertise and networks of the company stretch well beyond making things. The company is expert at combining cutting-edge technologies into a solution set that will help clients grow their business and implement new sources of revenue through the use of technology driven solutions. nuFaktory, LLC is a motivated proponent of revitalizing manufacturing in the USA!

About Moshe Barkat:

Moshe’s full bio can be found at www.nufaktory.com


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