Nvak Collective Hires New Chief Computer Graphics Officer


In order to further their mission of reshaping how they create, manage, and monetize music IP, Nvak Collective is now bringing computer graphics and art direction in-house with the engagement of Chief Computer Graphics Officer Tamir Diab. In his new position, Diab will oversee the creation of virtual experiences for the company’s roster which includes upcoming projects from Annika Rose, Talia Lahoud, and Rosa Linn.

Tamir Diab is an award-winning CG (computer graphics) Supervisor best known for his creations for Hollywood hits like Avatar, The Planet of the Apes trilogy, The Jungle Book, Iron Man 3, and more. Building CG teams through poised and respectful leadership, he works closely with artists and leads all departments through asset builds, surfacing, layout, animation, FX, lighting, and compositing in order to bring dreams to life.

For Nvak, Diab’s team uses Unreal Engine to build virtual experiences for their artists. The virtual experiences are a story-telling tool that creates an opportunity for fans to experience music entirely differently. Spatial sound coupled with gamified functionality, these virtual worlds create a unique two-way interaction between fans and artists. The goal is to allow artists to tell their narrative in a unique way, and in doing so create additional revenue streams on-chain that instantly pay out the creatives involved in making the world.

It’s a new tool for fan acquisition, engagement, and monetization to support developing artists, producers, songwriters, visual artists, CG teams, and more. Building these systems on-chain allows Nvak Collective to test new models of rights management and royalty distribution in tandem. They’ve partnered with HIFI Labs, Cub3, and R3vl to help build support for the worlds Tamir’s team is creating.

“We believe a Computer Graphics vertical is an integral, even necessary, part of a modern record label’s infrastructure,” shares Nvak Collective Co-Founder Alex Salibian. “We look forward to the new worlds Tamir will be building for our artists.”