OBSERVATION: Conversation about the State of Radio



This past weekend. I was privy to a conversation between two people about the state of commercial radio. I sat back and listened to both sides. That being said, of course, I can not reveal these people but I thought the conversation was very interesting:

Person 1: Radio is a dying industry …

Person 2: (Obviously upset, stops what he is doing) Why do Motha F$#ka’s keep saying that s#$t? How can something that is FREE by dying? That makes no sense!

Person 1: TV used to be free too. (see the rest of the story, click next page below)

Person 2: (Silence) Well, say that sh#t IS true … what’s the solution?

Person 1: I don’t know but I do know that as far as urban, we have to go back to our roots and be the cultural architects again and stop waiting for and competing with corporations like iHeart. iHeart has carved a great niche already. Radio One is still in a  position to be ahead of the 8 ball.

Person 2: But Radio One is following iHeart … without the money.

Person 1: IHEART is following iHeart WITHOUT the money.

Person 2. So what’s the solution?

Person 1: I was trying to explain before you interrupted me …

Person 2: OK go ahead …

Person 1: Radio One has an opportunity to grab a piece of the pie that iHeart can’t. Captivate the community. Topical, News, local interests, events etc give the jocks more freedom. Nobody knows the black community better than black people …

Person 2: Well time will tell but I don’t think anything is going to change. People said that same sh when Sirius came onto the scene, that commercial radio would be dead.

Person 1: You don’t think Sirius is struggling financially too?

Person 2: That’s not what I’m saying …

Person 1: Well just know that Spotify is gaining fast on commercial radio. With millennials, it has surpassed it and you can’t ignore millennials.