OBSERVATION: Social Media for People over 40



Some industry people do a great job of posting compelling content but being over 40 and posting on social media can be a challenge. People over 40 tend to be more private and not willing to put their entire lives on the social media street. I had a great conversation with an industry friend yesterday about the subject.

Person 1: I’m trying to figure out what to post on social media. I see industry people and others constantly posting and many times its too much information. I don’t want people in my business like that.

Kevin: I feel the same way. When you are over 40 you tend to be more private and I wonder if people realize how much they actually reveal about themselves on social media. You really get a lot of information from what people post good and bad.

Person 1: Like what?

Kevin: Some people post really interesting things (for me) like spots to work at in various markets for entrepreneurs or they will post a link to a great article. The best posts seem to be the ones that are about people besides the poster (laugh)

Person 1: I’ve seen people post what they eat! I don’t get that.

Kevin: Wouldn’t it be hilarious if people responded in the opposite responses when people post selfies like, ‘Wow, you look so OLD!’ or ‘I never knew you were so damn UGLY.’ (laugh)

Person 1: (laughing) It’s a catch 22. Everything is based on your social media now even jobs. Perhaps you should have someone post an article on what industry people should post on social media.

Kevin: Good idea.