OH NO! (Video) Raz-B Calls Out Chris Stokes for Molestation


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They didn‘t know this was being taped…..! Scandal on Christmas Eve. Raz-B (first pic) has finally come forth and admits that former manager and cousin Chris Stokes (second pic) allegedly molested him and some of the other members of B2K. Somebody take the wheel… Marques Houston’s sister Danielle calls in and apologizes to Raz-B for what Chris and Marques did or didn’t do to him (don’t get that part) … This is too much for Christmas Eve. Raz-B’s brother/Chris’ cousin Ricky Romance feels bad for what happened to Raz and admits they all had to take showers together and he knew what was going on. He admits that he too was allegedly molested by Chris and allegedly has Chris on the phone to talk about the situation (unbeknownst to Chris) During the conversation Stokes allegedly states “That’s not me anymore, that ‘s who I used to be” Touch me Lord Jeeesus. To back up the video, Ricky talks about his own allegations. Who is this SUPER crazy religious chick with the 10 cent weave and the super poor English “He’s using his upsetness to get back…” Um, dictionary request. This video will probably not be up long, if the link doesn’t work here go here.