Oscar Night is Feb. 24; Homeless Man Becomes Former Homeless man is Now International Author and Hollywood's Elite


Overcoming adversity and proving that anyone can be successful no matter what trials one faces in life, Bruce Goldwell is joining the Hollywood Elite.

Proving that anyone can do anything… he once lived in the alley behind Dennis Hopper’s house in Venice, California but now he is touching lives all over the world with his books and will soon be on the big screen with his first movie called Dragon Keepers.

Bruce Goldwell was on the brink of mentally caving in while living on the streets but he made a decision he would overcome his plight and do what he could to make sure that others would never have to live on the streets. He has published eight books in the last 2 years with more on the way. Last month, he joined the list of International authors as his self-help series ‘Mastery of Abundant Living’ is now being published in Brazil and Korea. Not only will Mr. Goldwell be touching the life’s of people in the USA but the life’s of people all over the world as his books begin to spread to the 133 other countries available for book release.

His series called Mastery of Abundant Living now has four titles, “The Keys to Mastering the Law of Attraction”, “The Magical Thinking of the Law of Attraction”, “Christian Keys to the Law of Attraction” and “New Life Resolutions”. His latest book, “New Life Resolutions”, just became available on Amazon.com. More on Bruce Goldwell Books. Knowing that over 50% of the people who make New Years resolutions have given up before June, Bruce wanted to give people a way of sticking with their resolutions for 365 days of the year. His goal is to help over 1,000,000 in 2008 and since he is now going international with his books that number will be in the 10s of millions. Goldwell likes to say, “Not bad for a homeless guy huh?”

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