Pandora unveils brand new music charts website


The new Pandora charts site features its three main music charts: Top Thumb Hundred, Top Spins, and Trendsetters, updated weekly.

Top Thumb Hundred

Pandora’s newest chart ranks new releases based on the number of thumbs up received from listeners. Pandora’s thumbing feature is a strong signal of positive feedback and gives unique insight into the first-week reception of new releases.

Top Spins

Top Spins ranks the top hundred spinning songs on Pandora. Tracks are removed after 16 weeks to keep the chart fresh, unless they’re still climbing in position, which we call a “hot streak.”


Trendsetters ranks emerging artists (any artist our algorithm considers to not yet be “mainstream”) based on the number of users who are adding that artist’s station. This is a strong signal of Pandora listeners’ interest in an artist and a great way to discover the next big thing!

New charts are published every Sunday (Top Thumb Hundred) and Monday (Top Spins, Trendsetters). Users can check the charts each week or subscribe to receive weekly updates in email form.