Pennies from Kevin: BET Suffers Another Setback or Step UP?


Funerals Breed the Wake-up!

I have always been amazed at the Black community’s desire to preserve positive Black imagery, news and people in the press while we collectively and consistently sweep our troubles, economic problems, black sheep family members, diseases and conditions and lack of our OWN authority and problems under the infamous carpet. When someone from another race points out our problems, we are outraged, mad at them for addressing what we ignore and refuse to take responsibility for. We are so “SHOCKED” at many things that we are FULLY aware of but have put our blinders on to create an us VS them mentality in our own race. This even involves the Black church, full of elitist “Christians” who look over the top of their glasses at other members. We ALL have our secrets, sins and addictions so when we will be honest with ourselves?

When I was in school, I knew SEVERAL black girls who were pregnant at 12 and 13. My son was born when I was 14. So do you REALLY think today’s kids, with the advent of technology like the Internet are not sexually aware or active too? I shoplifted a couple of times, got busted and decided it was not for me when my mother didn’t come get me from the holding center (laugh) and they finally just let me go. Today, I would likely have a shoot out with the police in that same situation. It would make the news, black folks would tsk and nod their heads back and forth and turn on The Wire for entertainment (laugh). I’ve known Black men and women who have died of colon and lung cancer, AIDS and drug overdoses. Yet as a community we are SO removed from these things as if they don’t and have never existed? I just don’t get it! This video is a prime example. All of the elitist conservative Black people who are so removed from the true essence of today’s‘ black culture are ALWAYS prepared to give their negative opinions of another Black person’s creativity but seldom have their own history of taking any kind of action to make change. Give credit where it is due and pat another black person on the back instead of always kicking them in the ass. Don’t know if you have heard about the controversy surrounding the “Read a Book” video but I personally think it’s ingenious. The best way to reach the younger generation and to hold their attention is by… well, reaching the younger generation and holding their attention. Don’t know if BET will actually run the unedited version but check out the video, what do you think? (video may not be appropriate for work)….